Table of Contents

Author’s Note: Why a Book on Robots and War?


Part I: The Change We Are Creating

1. Introduction: Scenes from a Robot War

2. Smart Bombs, Norma Jeane, and Defecating Ducks: A Short History of Robotics

3. Robotics for Dummies

4. To Infinity and Beyond: The Power and Future of Exponential Trends

5. Coming Soon to a Battlefield near You: The Next Wave of Warbots

6. Always in the Loop? The Arming and Autonomy of Robots

7. Robotic Gods: Our Machine Creators

8. What Inspires Them: Science Fiction’s Impact On Science Reality

9. The Refuseniks: Roboticists Who Just Say No


Part II: What Change Is Creating For Us

10. The Big Cebrowski and the Real RMA: Thinking About Revolutionary Technologies

11. “Advanced” Warfare: How We Might Fight With Robots

12. Robots That Don’t Like Apple Pi: How the U.S. Could Lose the Unmanned Revolution

13. Open Source Warfare: College Kids, Terrorists, and Other New Users of Robots at War

14. Losers and Luddites: The Changing Battlefields Robots Will Fight On and the New Electronic Sparks of War

15. The Psychology of War-Bots

16. YouTube War: The Public and Unmanned Wars

17. Changing the Experience of War And The Warrior

18. Command and Control…Alt-Delete: New Technologies And Their Effect On Leadership

19. Who Let You in the War? Technology and the New Demographics of Conflict

20. Un-Manning the Laws of War and Other Issues of (Un)Human Rights

21. A Robot Revolt? Talking About Robot Ethics

22. Conclusions: The Duality of Robots and Humans