Poll Results

These reader polls were run on the website.

 Will the robotics revolution make war easier or harder to start?
4486 84.8%
804 15.2%


 Will the outcome of the robotics revolution be positive or negative for the United States?
280 61%
179 39%


 Will there be more or less war crimes in an age of robotics?
132 50.8%
The Same
74 28.5%
54 20.8%


When will man no longer be “in the loop” in controlling armed robots?
Within the next 15 years
263 43.7%
It’s already happening now
206 34.2%
133 22.1%



 When will the Singularity, the historic break point at which Ai and robotics push past human capabilities, occur?
Within the next century
145 44.3%
Within the next 15 years
123 37.6%
59 18%


 When do you think the metal ones will come looking for you?
Within my lifetime
559 48.4%
Never, this is just silly
304 26.3%
I saw The Matrix and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. They already are watching me.
292 25.3%